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University of the Punjab

Dr. Nasir Mahmood Chattha

Assistant Professor
Dr. Nasir Mahmood Chattha

Agricultural extension has been striving for dissemination of latest agri. information to the farming community and getting feedback about their problems as well. For keeping the farmers updated about the latest and sophisticated agri. technologies, mass media can play a vital role particularly electronic media. So, my research spheres encompass the various communication modalities in general and electronic media in particular. In the future scenario, exploring various avenues for effective use of media for the effective transfer of agri. technologies will be the real target. Effective Agricultural Extension System is one of the driving forces which are responsible for the growth of agricultural productivity. Vibrant agricultural growth is inevitable to ensure the food security of ever increasing population of the country. But, climate change is one of the major threats to agriculture. It is, therefore, imperative to investigate the issues relating to agri. extension system, food security and water saving. My current interests are focused on comparative agri. extension systems, food security and adoption of water saving irrigation interventions in efficient and judicious use of water in agriculture.

Ongoing   Project Funded by Higher Education commission Islamabad

Impact Assessment of Water Conservation and Productivity Enhancement through High Efficiency Irrigation Systems among vegetable growers of distt. Sheikhupura

A real contact has been made with vegetable growers. Farmers have been convinced for use of drip irrigation system for furtigation of vegetables  in farmer contact method. Farmers are shifting towards the targeted production of vegetable through furtigation. Farmers are convinced towards tunnel farming in vegetable growing which will meet food requirements of our population and generate profit for a farmer. Farmers are realizing the importance of water saving and resources. Thus we are on track to achieving our objectives regarding creating awareness in water saving and food security.

Designation:- Assistant Professor