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College of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences

The subject of statistics was introduced in the University of the Punjab at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels in 1941. At the post-graduate level, statistics was introduced as one of the papers in Economics and Mathematics. Later on in 1946, a one year postgraduate “Diploma in Statistics” was started.
In 1950 the Department of Statistics was established by late Dr. M. Zia ud Din in the University of the Punjab. In the same year in addition to postgraduate diploma course, a two year Master's Degree Program in Statistics was started. In 1952, the Department was upgraded to the status of the Institute. Since its inception, the Institute has been engaged in individual and collective research in the field of theoretical and applied statistics. In 2007, the Institute of Statistics was upgraded to the College of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences.

Statistical sciences are being used in a variety of fields and almost in every discipline of practical nature. From agriculture to the computer sciences, it is of great use. The curriculum of statistics is designed to cope with multi-dimensional aspects.

The Master of Information and Operational Management and M.Sc. Actuarial Science programs are unique and such programs have never been organized in any institution of Pakistan. These programs are gaining popularity day by day.

Being the premier College of higher education in statistical sciences in Pakistan, the College is trying its best efforts in acquiring and promoting the traditional as well as nontraditional knowledge & research through conferences, workshops, seminars, teaching and learning.

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