Al-Hikmat: A Journal of Philosophy
  Al-Hikmat: A Journal of Philosophy
  Published by: Department of Philosophy
  ISSN- 1993-3789
ESSN- 1993-7695
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Al-Hikmat: A Journal of Philosophy¬≠ is a blind peer-reviewed journal of the Department of Philosophy, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. Like Greek’s term, ‘Sophia’, the Arabic term, ‘Al-Hikmat’ means ‘wisdom’. Etymologically, the term, ‘Philosophy’ is ‘love for wisdom’. For philosophical research, the Department of Philosophy started its journal entitling ‘Al-Hikmat’ in 1967, and its founder editor was Professor C. A. Qadir. Al-Hikmat caters research both in Muslim and Western philosophy, covering their both traditional and contemporary problems. Besides the traditional problems in Muslim philosophy, Al-Hikmat particularly touches upon the contemporary debates including Islam and modernism, Islamic ethics, political Islam, Iqbal and post-Iqbal thought. Considering both analytical and continental approaches in Western philosophy, it publishes research in epistemology, logic, ethics, aesthetics, social and political philosophy, educational philosophy, legal philosophy, environmental philosophy, philosophy of science and philosophy of social sciences. Currently, Al-Hikmat is being published annually, however, we intend to make it biannual in near future. This is a bilingual journal, which publishes articles of national and international scholars, both in English and Urdu. The editor in chief, along-with the editorial board, with the help of advisory board, edit the journal meticulously and ensures that only high-quality and properly researched articles are to be published. The views expressed in the research articles are those of the authors. The editors do not assume any responsibility for the views expressed by the authors. Please see the instructions for the preparation of manuscripts here:

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