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MBA 3.5 Years Self Supporting Program

In order to cater to the growing needs of the corporate sector, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), being the business school in the largest public sector university in Pakistan, aims to tap this opportunity to meet the emerging market needs. IBA is launching MBA 3.5 years self-supporting program (equivalent to M.S./M.Phil. degree) from session 2016 for candidates having 14 years educations i.e. B.A/B.Sc./B.Com. or equivalent. This program attempts to nurture future business leaders through a rigorous training of managerial skills, ethics and critical thinking and intends to offer insights on the socio-economic dimensions of business in Pakistan with knowledge of modern management philosophy.
Aims & Objectives of the program
The MBA 3.5 years equips the business graduate to harness innovative business thinking and new business models that can deliver organizational growth whilst addressing global economic, social, environmental and technological challenges.
Number of Seats
60 students will be inducted in the MBA 3.5 years self-supporting program. Twenty seats are allocated for the graduates of B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. each. There will be a provision of reserve seats as per the University rules.
Courses and Semester Break-up
The MBA 3.5 years program comprises 96 credit hours of coursework and dissertation to be completed in three and a half years. The requirements for this MBA degree shall normally be completed within seven semesters. A total of 90 credit hours are to be earned by successfully completing the course work and the remaining 6 credit hours are to be earned by writing and successfully defending a dissertation (there is an option of taking two courses of three credit hours each as an alternative to taking dissertation in the seventh semester).
Each semester spreads over 18 weeks. The research work for thesis shall be carried out during the seventh semester. The students who will take dissertation are likely to complete their MBA in 3.5 years.
The courses offered in the seven semesters are given below.

Course Outline



Admission Criteria